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Good Vibrations
by Marla Hoover

Author, Philosopher Mike Dooley teaches; “Thoughts become things.”  Every morning he emails over 130,000 people little notes from the Universe.  Today’s little tidbit was:
Do you know the number one way to reverse a global recession?
Right!!! "What recession?"

To the mall,
    The Universe
P.S. As soon as one starts plotting an approach designed to deal with a sagging economy, animal flu, and bad hair, a tipping point is reached in their life, and the threat becomes a reality.

Of course this was a cute if not glib way of saying, change your perspective and things will become better,  that dwelling on bad stuff will only make it worse. 
 Right here, right now, we could all use a big dose of the power of positive thinking.  If Mr. Dooley is right and our thoughts truly become things, can we change our lives with the glass half full mentality?  Are we the director of the movie of our life, can we create happy- dream like lives, and if so is it possible that it can become as contagious as the illness of our people, the poor health of the global economy  as well  as the rather leprotic view the world has – at this moment -of this country?   
He and others such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Scientist, Scholar, Spiritual Teacher, Gregg Braden tell us that health and abundance are our natural states and that magical things can happen to those who believe in their own power.  This, they say is done through our thoughts and prayers.
In the “Science of Miracles” by Gregg Braden, he explains that in order for our thoughts or prayers to manifest into things that we must “feel the feeling as if the prayer has already been answered.”   It is similar to what is taught in the documentary, “The Secret” and the new philosophy of “ the law of attraction.”  However, Mr. Braden takes it further in saying that you must actually feel with absolute certainty the feelings as if you have what it is you are thinking or praying about. 
 Florence Scovel Shinn wrote several books back in the 1940’s which in effect said to thank the Universe, your Higher Power, God, as if you had already received what it is that you were seeking.  Her view was more Christian oriented but it is the same idea.  Enhancing your thoughts and prayers with the feeling of knowing you have already attained your objectives.  Believe and focus specifically on what it is that you want to come to you.  Apparently being very precise is another is another key in generating a positive outcome.  This creates a focal point for the energy, the feeling of your thoughts or prayers.  Without this focal point, or more clearly put, without knowing exactly what it is that you want to manifest in your life, your energy will be scattered and the outcome will be chaotic.  It is also important to point out that this works both ways for good and bad thoughts.  What you dwell on you attract.  If you wallow in the mire, the mire will become deeper.  So as Mr. Dooley says, “Thoughts become Things, choose the good ones.”
A scientific approach is told by Mr. Braden on our thoughts can actually have an effect on our lives.  He states there is a field of energy, an intelligence that responds deeply to human emotion.  This field exists all around us.   Braden calls this field “The Divine Matrix”, Steven Hawking, a British theoretical physicist and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, calls it “The Mind of God.”    According to Braden, this is not a new concept, as far back as the 1800’s there were beliefs as well as studies to find out if this so called matrix existed. One such experiment was the Michelson-Morley experiment.  This was inconclusive in its results but did however show that this notion is not “new age.”  Over the last 120 years we have determined that one event does have effects on another event, i.e. thoughts become things.   Experiments have shown that human DNA responds or has a direct effect on the world around us.   The “Phantom DNA Experiment” in the late 1990’s proved this.  
The experiments began as patterns of light (or energy) in a vacuum tube were measured in a controlled environment. All of the air was removed and the light particles (or photons) followed a random distribution. The scientist then introduced a physical chain of live human DNA . In the presence of the human DNA the photons changed positions from a random distribution to a pattern of a wave that aligned with the DNA. The DNA clearly affected the energy of the photons. That was the first surprise. The next surprise came when they removed the DNA from the chamber. It was expected that the photons would return to the random distribution. But the photons stayed in the wave position created from the introduction of the DNA. As the study continued, so long as the vacuum was not disturbed the photons stayed in the wave position for as long as a month after the DNA was removed.  
This shows that human DNA communicates with the “stuff “that our universe is made of, the intelligence, the matrix.  The human DNA affected the energy even when it was no longer there. 
Other experiments on live DNA, from oral scrapings, were placed in a device that could measure its effects while the donor was in a different room.  The donor was subjected to emotional stimulus.  The DNA was measure to see if there would be any effects, if it was still linked.   What they found was that the emotional responses were not only identical but happened at the exact same time with both the DNA sample and the donor, there was no lag time, and it was instantaneous.   Later experiments were done with the DNA and donor several hundreds of miles away, yet the results were the same, still instantaneous, still linked.   Concluding that we communicate with DNA through the emotions of our body and that this energy is non local, it is everywhere all the time. 
At the Institute of Heart Math, Braden explained, there were studies that showed a heart is more than a human pump.  They discovered that our hearts are the strongest magnetic field in our bodies and that this field extends well beyond our physical bodies as part of the already acknowledged field that surrounds all of us.  At the Institute they also discovered that human emotions can change the shape of human DNA, feelings of love, compassion , peace  made DNA more relaxed, jealousy, anger, rage, tighten the switches of the DNA, thus we have the power to change the way our own DNA functions. 
Braden goes on to say that all of these studies together show that DNA in our bodies has a direct effect on the world around us, on an energetic level.   If our emotions have the ability to change the way our DNA behaves, which has an effect on the world around us that is also not bound by space or time then there can be a transcendence of our thoughts and beliefs.  
 It is believed that ancient civilizations knew not only that we were linked to the world around us but how to make it work.  Perhaps that is why they were able to create the many fascinating wonders that they did.  They knew that we possess the powers that move us forward, that our emotions can give our chaotic thoughts focus.  It is the marriage of our emotions and the direction of our thoughts that creates feelings about things.  “So the feeling we have in our hearts is the language that speaks to the field that western science is just now beginning to understand through these experiments.  It is the power of human feeling that is the language that opens the doors to the possibilities to create in our world,” says Braden.   One Tibetan monk put it this way, “You never see our prayers because our prayers cannot be seen.  It is what we do (chanting, bells, singing bowls) so that our prayers can be felt.  The feeling is the prayer.”     It is the feelings of our prayers (and thoughts) not the words which propels them into their physical version
 Deepak Chopra in the book “The Seven Spiritual Las of Success” calls this “The Law of Pure Potentiality”.   He goes on to say, “The source of all creation is pure consciousness… pure potentiality seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest.  And when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.”
Dr. Chopra among other spiritual leaders speaks of this on a more global perspective.   He states that “The world is a projection of our collective consciousness.  If our collective consciousness reaches that place of peace, harmony, laughter and love, it will be a different world. “   This is the belief that if a certain number of people have a feeling of peace or healing that it is felt exponentially beyond the area.   
What then does all of this mean for us today as we sit here in Puerto Vallarta dealing with the cards that we have been dealt lately?   If we collectively leave behind the plaguing and demoralizing thoughts of economic loss, drug violence and pandemics, if we say yes they exist but we can transcend them – what did Scarlet O’Hara say with a fist full of dried up carrots in her hand, “…after all tomorrow is another day.”   Let’s look then to tomorrow, the sun will still be shining, the water will still be blue and we will still live in a place of abundant beauty.   If we all send out and surround ourselves and each other in healing, positive, nurturing thoughts, they will, because we are all connected,  be transmitted from one person to another more quickly than any catastrophe.  This is the way that we can bring back to us what we most have to offer, paradise.
In other words, “We must be the change we want to see…” Mahatma Gandhi